Our Story – Yesterday

Our business was founded in 1976. Its story is similar to many other small artisans’ whose origins were in a little cellar or a family-run workshop.
Over the years we manufactured underwear, then our workshop became a place where swimwear for men, women and children was made, due to increased demand for these items manufactured by large firms in the area, turning Oleggio into a specialist centre for the production of bathing suits and corsetry.
In the 80’s, there were about a hundred such small family-run workshops. By the end of the 90’s, however, the crisis in the swimwear sector meant many of these factories were forced to close and our firm found itself on the brink of a similar fate. But we accepted the challenge that was to become fundamental to our survival and eventually brought about our rebirth.
In 2008, through close collaboration with a well-qualified team, we tested new ways to create seams and assemble the same items, discovering the process of textile bonding. Thirty years of experience, care over the creation of quality garments while following each and every work process were put into the new technology to make competition swimwear using innovative, high performance textiles. Ours was the company which gave life to the competition swimwear which during the 2008 Beijing Olympics revolutionised a whole area of sport. The incredible results of the athletes wearing our costumes and the satisfaction of the brands who had commissioned our production encouraged us to invest and completely renew the machinery we were using for this niche market of swimwear.


Geego srl manufactures items that are 100% made in Italy and was founded in 2017. The new brand is known for the passion and experience of parents Franco and Teresa, gained while they were running the company and which they handed down to their children, Fabrizio and Francesca, the latter today being at the helm with her husband, Giovanni.
Thanks to the experience gained over the years, today we are able to supply both traditional seamed products as well as those produced using new technologies and the innovative sportswear machinery we have invested in. We are specialists above all in beach fashion and sportswear, swimming costumes for use in the sea and in pools in general. Our workshops boast sophisticated equipment and staff qualified to follow the entire production process, from cutting to assembling, packaging and shipping of the finished product, with special attention for assembling, labelling and quality control. The most modern and technological of machinery is used for production, packaging and shipping.


Passion and attention to detail in manufacturing typical of all that is made in italy, thanks to the use of modern and innovative technologies

Our strengths

Know How

Forty years of know how in manufacture that is “Made in Italy”. The use of advanced technology and the opportunity to enhance our competence with use of machinery not only in competition swimwear but also in other sports and sectors (extreme sports, sailing, technical sportswear such as shirts for cycling and cross biking, jumpsuits for cycling, surfing, short track, long track, horseback riding) and with the handcraft tradition of excellence that is typical of products Made in Italy.

Production process monitored

The ability to monitor each phase of the production process, from the prototype to the finished garment. Our staff are all highly qualified and our machinery technologically advanced, allowing us to collaborate with the finest brands in competition swimming (cutting, manufacture, quality control, packing and logistics).
We make bonded-in garments while also maintaining the production chain of traditional swimsuits, using machinery of manufacturing tradition which have always been part of our artisan origins.

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